We are a young and dynamic architecture studio that combines creativity with experience to respond to the needs of the market and the urban territory, with customer satisfaction as a fundamental priority.


Centro Comercial da Estação, R/C, Loja 13
4700-233 Braga


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VALT Architects is an architect-led design studio focused on the client, where the key is to design what he imagined, meeting his expectations and deadlines, following closely the processes and supporting his decisions with technical knowledge, experience and creativity. 


VALT assumes each case to be unique, with the ambition to design the best proposal based on the settled objectives and conditions at the beginning and the ones found along the route. 


Through its own language, contemporary and irreverent, the design combines creativity and detail with experience, allowing for a necessary response to the demanding needs of the market and the urban territory, always with a key concern for sustainability.


Driven by an open-minded methodology of constant experimentation, the team embraces, in each project, the opportunity to design a solid and innovative architectural solution.


The atelier has a multidisciplinary vision supported by a passionate and recognized team, formed by individuals from the most diverse areas of expertise of design, architecture and construction. In this way, the team aims to deliver a capable solution to the challenging demands of building refurbishment and construction of new buildings. 


From housing to hospitality, including restaurants, bars and coffee shops, commercial & office buildings, cultural and public facilities, landscape design and urban planning, all projects are faced with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

An architecture studio that combines creativity with experience

Licínio Torre

Lead Architect

Joel Enes

Lead Designer

The studio was created in 2017 by the architect Licínio Torre. With a solid knowledge of architecture/construction and horizons expanded by his international experience, he brought together a multidisciplinary team, young and passionate, essential to answer the challenges linked to the practice of architecture. 


The relationship between the elements of the team is older than the foundation of the studio, which manifests natural complicity in the architectural language, in the design methodology and creative thinking. The humanized vision of architecture, to be observed and experienced, innovative and functional, is shared by collaborators from a wide range of fields, including, architecture, design, civil engineering, construction, and marketing /communication.


This harmony in the way of being, thinking and feeling, becomes timeless through the practice of architecture.